We provide complete dive pool  sparging systems, to include custom designs depending on
application. Compressor packages, custom sparger heads, custom remote control panels for the
operation of the  pool spargers.  

For those that do not know what a sparger does, or what it is, read on, I am going to explain it in terms
that most competitive springboard, and platform divers will agree with.  The sparger enables the diver
to attempt new dives with out smacking the water, if the dive is not completed properly.  

The sparger is a aeration system that is placed on the bottom of the pool directly under the diving
board, or platform.  Air escapes from the system at a predetermined interval to create a pillow of air
for the diver to land in on the pool water surface.  

The sparger system can speed up the process of learning new dives for competition, and take away
the fear factor in the process.  A large amount of speculation has been put into spargers, and their
construction.  We have systems that are being used by US Junior Olympic teams, as well as college
dive teams.   

We are a licensed ASME pressure vessel service company.  We have been the compressed air
business for 15 years.  We are compressed air system experts.  We provide all the components
necessary to install a turnkey system.   Feel free to contact us with your questions.
Sparger Controls
Installation without draining the
pool, What a novel idea.  We are
equipped to perform all the
necessary underwater and above  
water work.
Two stage
compressor packages
Finite colcesing filters/dryers for
all your compressed air needs
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US Olympic Ariel Ski Team TRAINING FACILITY IN PARK CITY UTAH.  This pool sparging system is the largest system in operation  
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