We specialize in field services of HP compressors
SCBA repair, and service
Flow testing a customers SCBA on
our  Biosystems Posicheck 3 to
meet NFPA 1852 & NIOSH spec.
Onsite overhaul of a customers unit
We provide custom tailored service/maintenance plans for high pressure Breathing Air,
high pressure Industrial Air, and Compressed Natural Gas compression equipment.  

We also provide parts for most brands of equipment.  Contact us for more information.  
We will custom build packages to suit specific needs.    

laboratory air analysis, complete system function, and operational checks.  We record all
service and repairs in a computer data base for tracking, and to meet NFPA standards.  
Customers are provided with a detailed service report after each service visit.  We follow
manufactures guidelines on maintenance.  We also use factory parts for your equipment.

We are a state licensed ASME pressure vessel service provider.  
State License # 2300.  We administer numerous service contracts for a large customer
base in the state, and outside of Oklahoma as well.  We can provide a large listing of
satisfied customers upon request.

We have a complete in house testing facility for SCUBA, SCBA, we also provide SCBA, and
SCUBA cylinder hydro testing, complete valve repair, and out of cylinder pressure testing
of valves after repairs are performed.  We have a state of the art SCUBA flow testing
bench.  We have a Biosystems PosiCheck 3 SCBA Flow testing bench complete with 32 bit
software, this provides our SCBA customers with mandated NIOSH/NFPA Flow testing of
their SCBA.  All SCBA in use are supposed to be tested annually, and or after any repairs
or adjustments are performed.
Scuba repair, and flow testing
In house SCUBA flow testing, and
Valve in the process of being
disassembled before ultrasonic
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In house repair of a customers
We provide full overhaul and
testing services for the Haskel
amplifiers and pumps
Proud to be
Oklahoma Owned
and Operated
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Service and repair of all types of
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